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Karen’s Unicorn


Welcome to Karen’s Unicorn

The goal of Cantonese cooking is to preserve the food’s original essence: it is enhanced by the cooking process. The goal of seasoning is to complement -not overpower. The main ingredient is the centre of the plate. It’s a subtle yet intense cuisine with an array of flavours and a range of cooking techniques.

Located in the heart of Edinburgh’s city centre, Karen’s Unicorn is a restaurant serving authentic, traditional Chinese cuisine. The food we serve at our restaurant is as creative as our name – which has tempted more than a few diners into our doors. Come for the name and stay for the food. House specials include salty and spicy squid, and steamed seabass in black bean sauce. These dishes are examples of our delicious Chinese cuisine combined with the wonderful natural resources available in Scotland.

We’re based in Edinburgh’s New Town – a historic area with beautiful architecture and the perfect location for Karen’s Unicorn. We’re well-served by transport links, with the restaurant a short stroll from Waverley station. Our décor combines modern and classic themes: the ambience of the restaurant is elegant and tasteful. At Karen’s Unicorn, you’ll appreciate the intimacy of the setting. With the beautiful surroundings and excellent food, the restaurant is the perfect location for whatever dining experience you have in mind. Whether you wish to host a business lunch or a casual get-together with friends, you can be sure Karen’s Unicorn will meet your expectations.

We also have a takeaway menu (for collection or pickup only), allowing you to sample our fabulous Cantonese dishes from the comfort of your own home. Take a chance on our menu – you might find yourself tempted to join us at the restaurant.


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